Portland Area Indian Health Programs
​Premium Sponsorship means someone is buying the plan for the enrolled AIAN at no cost to the patient---terms are set by the sponsor, typically a Tribe.

Sponsorship Resources

  • American Indian Health Commission AIHC for Washington State
  • Tribal Self-Governance (TSG)
  • Indian Health Service (IHS)

  • Updated 2015, this calculator assumes a sponsorship program that covers AIANs 300% or under who are eligible for tax credits.  
  • Unlike Medicaid you typically can't have an offer of employment coverage and be eligible for tax credits.
  • Tribal enrollment is required for special Indian provisions that make the Bronze Plan the best option for enrolled tribal members and allow year round enrollment.
  • This means, typically,  non-enrolled AIAN descendents, should purchase a silver plan.

How are Portland Area Tribes adapting to changes in health care finance and delivery?

See Healthier Washington
This 2014 website includes 2014 estimates for Portland Area (of IHS) Tribes for both Medicaid and Marketplace Eligibles and information how to set up a Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program for uninsured between 139-300% of FPL (100-300% in non-Medicaid expansion states).