Tribal Premium Sponsorship Programs  

Premium Sponsorship Page

Readiness Scale
  • Answer, Add and Score  your readiness for sponsorship
  • 1.  Do you pay for Medicare part D ?
  • 2.  Do you reimburse for Medicare part B or C ( Medicare Advantage)?
  • 3.  Do you buy insurance in the private market for some patients (we do not mean employees)?
  • 4.  Have you ever purchased insurance in a state health insurance plan (only a few states had these )?
  • 5.  Do you reimburse patients for some of the cost sharing (including paying employee portion of employer provided premiums) for their private insurance?
  • 6.  Do you encourage or require patients to examine their insurance coverage options?
  • Readiness Scale
  • 6 = you probably are doing sponsorship already
  • 5 = it won't take much to add Marketplace sponsorship
  • 4 = Consider proposing a program with policies and tribal council support
  • 3=
  • 2=
  • 1=
  • 0 =  You may want to start sponsorship ---- but you also need to plan to add some or all of the other insurance 'opportunities' in Medicare and private insurance.

  • There was a reason a large majority of people don't know much about Obamacare.
  • On October 1, 2013 they noticed no change in their health insurance, no change in their health care providers, and they expected no change in 2014 in either.  They were not mistaken.
  • Over the following  months millions of the 48 million uninsured (and maybe 5 million poorly insured)  realized they had the option to buy comprehensive health insurance, often at steep discounts thanks to tax subsidies, through health Marketplaces (federal or state).
  • The process to buy insurance was relatively easy (as of December 2013), by accessing and locating their state Marketplace or the federal Marketplace.
  • Less than 5% of Americans  learned they will have to pay a penalty for not purchasing health insurance in 2014.