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  • Do I have to buy health insurance in 2014?
  • No, not if you are an American Indian or Alaska Native who is a descendant of or are an enrolled tribal member-this covers anyone receiving IHS paid services.
  • Are you sure, isn't there a penalty, except for enrolled tribal members?
  • HHS recently extended the exemption to all AIANs, not just enrolled, so if you are eligible for care at IHS or are enrolled tribal member, or a descendant you don't have to buy insurance. 
  • See the best website for all aspects of health care reform at but note some webpages have updated this information.
  • When should I choose to buy insurance in the Marketplace?
  • You should decide to buy when you think the price is worth the cost like anything else.
  • It's okay to give advice to others ---tell them how low the price of insurance is for those with jobs, but no employer paid insurance.
  • If you have access to IHS, you may decide you do not need insurance.
  • American Indians who are enrolled tribal members are much more likely to buy (or their health program more willing to buy for them) when their income is under 300% of the federal poverty level because they can buy the Bronze plan and get better cost sharing protection. 
  • That is they pay no cost sharing- an unnamed "Super" plan only available to AIANs if they are 'enrolled' tribal members.
  • In 2014 only a very few Tribes or organizations are providing monetary assistance for AIANs to buy this insurance.  
  • Those who are not enrolled tribal members can only buy silver plan if under 250% of FPL to take advantage of cost sharing reductions (see chart below).
  • What is the 300% Income Level? $34,470 for a single person (see chart below).  

  • This version allows you to select % of FPL and see Bronze level.
  • Select % of poverty (change from dollars).
  • See Bronze Plan Cost by scrolling down

  • Where else should I go for information?
84% of Uninsured AIAN's who are between 139 and 400 % FPL are under 300% of FPL only 16% between 300 and 400% (you knew that!)
Do I look worried?
See your Indian health program to get assistance with the enrollment process to make sure you get accurate information.
Assisters, Partners, Navigators, Benefits Counselors and most 'front line' staff can get you started-don't do it alone if you want full benefit of AIAN provisions.
See Outreach Web Page.
RWJ/Manatt PPT that explains Marketplace, tax subsidies, cost sharing exemptions 9-2013
This Covered California Income Chart ----shows when 138% of poverty  for Medicaid becomes 139% for Marketplace Plans and highlights Cost Sharing reduction under 250% of FPL.